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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer has arrived at last

All this sun has made me drag out my mid summer essentials early this year, I normally dont dare bare my legs until July, and even thats rare.

I am however addicted to straw hats though. Straw Trilbys to be exact, I love them, they have a simple way of finishing off an outfit. I currently own 3....well 2 and a cowboy-ish shaped one, but you get the idea :) nearly bought A new one today....'you dont need it....you dont need it!...'

My collection of wonderifferous straw trilbys....the dark one was my dads bought in australia, the pale one was from London last summer, and the cowboy one I bought purley to wear on my holiday in Newquay in August :)

I have a few more essentials I want to shout about today too.

Pink bottle: Batiste dry shampoo - Great for camping and festivals, or for bad fringe days
Yellow bottle: Garnier Summer Body - Tinted moisteriser, it smells lovely....like fruit :)
Purple Roll on: Pretty Poly Bronzed Leg gloss - Its amazing! New to me this summer and I dont want to run out! Forall you tanless people like myself its brilliant.
Red Bottle: Charles Worthington Big hair texture spray - Helps to get that 'I just strolled off the beach and look amaing' hair.....well almost :P
Little pink/black jar: Boots Strawberry lipbalm - I've had it for forever, but works a charm.

So happy summer everyone, hope you are all enjoying the sun in some way or another.

Me at Creeksea on Sunday

More adventures coming soon :) x

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