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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Chanel Desires

One of my favourite things to do on lazy evenings is ponder over Chanel's beautiful accessories.

I love everything Chanel and would actually kill for a Classic 2.55 handbag, how I stared and lusted over one in the Chanel Boutique in Florence, Italy earlier this year.

Today I really searched the website for something new and adventurous by Chanel to lust for, and boy did I find it. Chanel Sports!

By this I do not mean shorts and trainers embellished with CC, but something far more lustful.

Surfboards, boats, rugby balls and tennis rackets to name a few that amused and pleased me.

But my favourites by far are two accessories I just wish to possess.

A beautiful Chanel bicycle! I want one so so much! All it needs is the little basket on the front for a little Scottie dog...... ♥


To think I wasted time on wanting a pink fishing rod, this suits me far better...lust ♥

Thankfully there is no price available, which aids my Chanel desires greatly.

How terrible I would be if I had money.



Monday, 30 August 2010

Autumn loves geeks

I have always had a bit of a thing for looking smart. I adore suit jackets, dress coats, high waist skirts and tailored trousers with heels....and in my opinion a man in a well made suit is to die for.

So how happy I am to announce that casual dress is a thing of the past and finally being a bit geeky makes you a fashion icon.

Men, the suit is back. I know it's been in fashion for a while, but it is an Autumn '10 must have. Were not talking James Bond here, but a good charcoal suit will never let you down if twinned with the right shirt and tie. Even bows ties and braces are being seen on the catwalk if your feel adventurous, so get raiding your Grandads tie rack boys :)

And ladies the rules are bent a little for us. You can choose one of two ways to fulfill your geeky desires.

One: Be lady like. By this I mean think very 30's/40's styling. There are so many lace shift dresses and lovely cropped suit jackets about at the moment, as well as high waist skirts and retro twin sets just begging to be finished with your Grandmas pearls....the choices are endless, but you don't have to look like your playing dress up, just keep hem lines either very short or very long, and add statement lipstick or killer heels to feel more glam.

Two: Wear the trousers. This style is so versatile and easy to do. So many designers have shown elements of masculinity in there autumn ranges that must be inspired by the men's suit craze and this summers geek chic.
Tailored trousers, baggy shirts, boyfriend blazers, trilby's and even bow toes have been thrown our way ladies. Just make sure you team your masculine outfit with strong make up, and chunky bangles to girlie it up. Wear brogues in the day with trousers rolled up and killer heels at night. Who says geeks aren't sexy?

Personally I like to blend the two and make up my own wacky styles...but I guess thats why I was a geek before it was cool
:) x

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Never Neverland....

I have a love for two fantasy worlds. One being Wonderland and the other is Neverland.

Today while the rain poured outside and I could smell jam being made in the kitchen Finding Neverland came on tv.

A beautiful film that makes me cry everytime.


Chocolate nails

Scrambling around in my nail varnish box, unable to find my normal bright red bottle I come across a little bottle of chocolate coloured nail varnish I have never used.

Turns out I rather like it. Other than making me think of chocolate buttons on a regular basis it also completed my outfit yesterday by going perfectly with my vintage camel mac.

Nail varnish is a new found love for me, as I bite my nails up until recently, and now I adore painted nails, cant go a day unpainted as odd as that may sound.

However, as much as I love painted nails and trying out new colours, is it just me or is this a little over the top, if not fasinating....

:) x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The perfect black trousers...

I start my new job next week and so have been searching for a pair of perfect black trousers, as well as them being a winter wardrobe must have, especially for geek chic like Alexa Chung (left).

So far I have been unsuccessful in finding a pair that fit me right. Being 'boy shaped' I have barely any hips and therefore find that trousers hang funny on me, so the search continues.

However I thought I would post a little guide to finding a pair of perfectly fitting trousers for anyone else who is on the look out...

Want slimmer thighs?

Look for boot cut trousers which will balance out your thighs.

Want to look taller?
Choose a trouser with a crease down the front to add height and if worn a tiny bit too long so they graze the floor, they'll make your legs look longer.

Avoid straight leg or tapered trousers because they'll make your hips look bigger.

You can choose high waist trousers as they compliment your shape, but ensure that the length is perfect for you or it may look like your trousers shrunk in the wash

Personally for my body shape I love peg-leg trousers and own a pair in grey. So I am tempted to buy another pair in black, like these from ASOS (left).

Not sure If you could pull them off with my uniform at work, but it's a great excuse to buy a new pair :)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

maxi dress and converse!!!

This is possibly my favourite fashion alert this season because I wear this myself so often, but alway thought it made me a bit of an art geek in doing so.

I love it! and will be wearing my striped maxi and black converse much much more often this late summer/autumn......how I adore my geekiness :)

What I own:

New Look maxi-dress in black and grey stripes and my very old yet comfy converse all stars......and yes, I do own geek glasses :) x

I ♥ Newquay!

Oh what a terrible blogger I have been but I have been sunny myself in good old Newquay!

It was brilliant...!!

Yes, we had some rain or should I say hair frizzing dampness......hat weather.

We had a mega heat wave in which my feet fell victim to burning, leaving 'ban the bomb' shaped tan lines from my jellies :)

I visited the rainforest, played with Midge Fragnets and saw a giant bumble bee......all in one day at the Eden project :)

Made funny shaped sandcastles,

Guarded my chips from evil seagulls, who also gave a wonderful 5am wake up call,

Nearly lost my bikini on Porth beach due to a huge wave I failed to see,

Turned people into sand mermaids,

Mourned the loss of Shelia the pink spade,

Took every freebie offered to me at Boardmasters festival,

Drank my first bottle of Mountin Dew, it was quite yummy,

And came home with half of the beach in my posession, be it shell bracelets or sand in my bag.