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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Snip snip snip.....

I will admit small elements of panic crossed my mind as my hair was combed over my eyes and large amounts of it began to fall past my face and into my lap, however I really love it....a blunt fringe.

It's the dramatic change I have been desiring in my image and it feels very 'me' which is good because although I adore my 'scene kid' hair as it is so wonderfully named, I was beginning to grow tierd of trying to get the cut how I truely wanted it. At least now, I can continue to backcomb my hair and have my trade mark 'bouffant' look but have a dramatic fringe, which will also look amazing with a 50's style head scarf or bandana....very rockabilly.

I was mildly disapointed however, at the large proportion of people not actually seeming to notice such a sudden change to my image.....I always make a point of making it known I have noticed that someone has a new look, because that is why people change there image some times, because they were bored and want to get noticed. aaah well.

Upon changing my hair I have found myself moving back to a more grrwn up fashion taste and have also taken an interest into more casual natured fashion in the indie/rock genre. I have always been into emo and generic rock culture style, but as more and more young and new clelebs become known it is obvious that emo is purely for 15 year olds and this casual dark fashioned culture is taking not only the celeb world by storm but also the fashion world. Grunge Glam is the way forward people.

So from here on in, I will begin my dive into fashion writing and force my photography onto the world.

:D x x x

Monday, 10 August 2009

5am kisses in stockings

No matter how long I stay in the sun I never seem to gain a the slighest tan on my legs and so always end up in tights or stocking, only to be huffed at for never having bare legs in summer....catch 22 hey.....

Last night in an attempt to look my best I wore my favourite pink and black '50's style' dress, without the massive netting underskirt I normally wear......bare legs were not the best idea in cold weather.....and I soon discovered stockings do not aid leg warmth either, they only create pins & needles and freezing cold toes.

Stockings, in my opinion, seem to to create more problems than tights that might slide down.

Speaking of the 1950's style, I really love it!

You can't beat the femininity it creates to be dressed like pin up girl, who I truly love for there style. You don't need your bust on show to look sexy, look at Marilyn Monroe, the most lusted after woman in the modern world and not a size 8.

It's really got to be the way to go in fashion. Even primark are selling pin up style underwear at the moment with vintage style pointed cups, high waist briefs and bras that do up at the waist. 'how fabulous'!

Contrary to popular belief, more is less girls :D