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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

Friday, 28 May 2010

'Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...'

Although I did finally find a swim suit to flatter my apparent 'boyish' figure a few years ago, I felt it was time to search for a new one, and keep my little black halter neck one peice as my actual swim suit that really gets wet....occasionally. While not feeling too optimistic about finding a swim suit to flatter me and match my style, I fell in love on first sight of these.

Are they not the loveliest swim suits ever? But at $89.99, and being the poor student that I currently am, I will have to refain from buying and just lust and wish for this summer.....maybe next year?

Made you fall in love too? Get yours here from ModCloth.com One of my favourite vintage clothing sites.....

But I cant promise that I wont be jealous.....

More adventures soon :) x

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm a photographer....didn't you know that?

I suddenly noticed that I actually haven't put much of the photography that I'm proud of and that is in my portfolio on here to show you all. So here are few of my photos for you to have a nose at :)

I wont put up too many today, these are a few of my favourite so far...there are many many more, but I thought you may like to see a few :)

(Please do not use my images, these photos are from my portfolio of work, thank you)

More adventures coming soon....happy blogging x

Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer has arrived at last

All this sun has made me drag out my mid summer essentials early this year, I normally dont dare bare my legs until July, and even thats rare.

I am however addicted to straw hats though. Straw Trilbys to be exact, I love them, they have a simple way of finishing off an outfit. I currently own 3....well 2 and a cowboy-ish shaped one, but you get the idea :) nearly bought A new one today....'you dont need it....you dont need it!...'

My collection of wonderifferous straw trilbys....the dark one was my dads bought in australia, the pale one was from London last summer, and the cowboy one I bought purley to wear on my holiday in Newquay in August :)

I have a few more essentials I want to shout about today too.

Pink bottle: Batiste dry shampoo - Great for camping and festivals, or for bad fringe days
Yellow bottle: Garnier Summer Body - Tinted moisteriser, it smells lovely....like fruit :)
Purple Roll on: Pretty Poly Bronzed Leg gloss - Its amazing! New to me this summer and I dont want to run out! Forall you tanless people like myself its brilliant.
Red Bottle: Charles Worthington Big hair texture spray - Helps to get that 'I just strolled off the beach and look amaing' hair.....well almost :P
Little pink/black jar: Boots Strawberry lipbalm - I've had it for forever, but works a charm.

So happy summer everyone, hope you are all enjoying the sun in some way or another.

Me at Creeksea on Sunday

More adventures coming soon :) x

Friday, 21 May 2010

The new adventure!

My big day has been and gone and the result was perfect! I attended an interview yesterday evening to be accepted on a Photography degree, and got an offer straight away over the interview table :) Looks like my vintage 50's summer dress and MaryJanes is a lucky outfit after all.

(as seen in my snap happy train journey to my interview)

I'm so so so happy! As well as a bit scared, but thats natural right?

The course is mainly traditional photography, but does involve digital too, so I'll be sure to keep you all updated on my projects over the next 3 years.

As a small celebration to myself I spent the afternoon today playing with my Dad's film SLR and enjoying the sun with my batty Doggy, Zara.......ohh and I did go on a little CS adventure this morning too. Got a little bargin, even though my mum (VintageMum) says it's far too 70's :P

Really cute, if not rather large, vintage suitcase.......£1......I couldn't leave it behind, I'm terrible I know.
I'm sure I can find a use for it in my bedroom somewhere....I may keep my scarves in it, now thats a good idea, and proves it had to be bought, if only for that ;)

Will be back with more of my camera adventures and fashion faux pas that I love to try and pull off :) x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Home from Cambridge with a camera full of memories part 2 (plus some other ramblings on)

Hello again, thought Id finish off my Cambrige adventures for you all.

But before I begin I'd like to say thank you to MARYPOPPINS for choosing me as the winner of 'pretties' :) I'm yet to find out what these are, and I didn't even know I was in the running for them, but I am sure they will be beautiful and make me a very happy bunny, so thank you agian.

Firstly, couldn't resist taking a quick snap of myself in the changing room of a beautiful shop while I was there. The wall paper was lovely, clashes with my dress abit though :)

Excuse the bad hair day, it was very cold and windy in town.

Anyway, moving back to the more important aspects of my trip what I did and where I went.

Well I am in love with a little coffee house that a friend takes me to while I'm visting. Indigo Coffee House its called, sadly on my own I doubt I could remeber its location, but it is down a little alley way near the catherdal somewhere....helpful I know. I will find out its location for you soon!

It's so cute and tiny inside, can only fit around 10 people in at a time maybe even less, but as an advid tea drinker and lover, it's a great place to go for tea in Cambridge in my opinion, non of this fancy Starbucks 'Is it breakfast tea you wanted madam...', just good honest tea for one, complete with your very own little tea pot :)

How I do enjoy a good cup of tea....all the better if in a pretty tea cup and saucer.

I personally have a milk glass Arcoroc dinner service, with little roses to decorate. I fell in love with it at first sight in one of my mum and I's favourite charity shop haunts, priced up for a fair amount of money, and ended up leaving without it! To my delight the next week when I went back, not only was the entire set of plates, side plates cups and saucers still there, but it was marked down to £2.00 for the lot.

I did not hestite this time, it was meant to be mine. Its beautiful. However I cant seem to find a picture of it at all and its at my flat, which I am not, so I will photograph it this weekend for you to have a nose at.

This is one of my favourite photos from my trip ot Cambridge, taken on what I call my baby handbag camera amazingly from the top level of a central carpark. The view was amazing, not that I was there for the view, but on an little adventure to watch the world go by without a care in the world.

Well time to sleep I think, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.

More photograghy, fashion and vintage finds coming soon x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Home from Cambridge with a camera full of memories

What a week I've had! How I do adore life in Cambridge......the shops, the bars, the cafes......its beautiful!

Firstly I wish to express my love for Cath Kidson! I nearly fell over when I saw this mound of Kidson sewing goodies while fabric shopping....they are so lovely......

I had to walk away very very fast, before I spent my monies, not an easy task where Kidson is involved :)

However, aside from the obvious lack of summer weather all week and the prevention of Kidson buying, wandering the city is by far a love of mine whilst in Cambridge. I just have a soft spot for the very different way of life to little old Dengie where I live.

Now then allow me to introduce you to my brand new lovely outfit 'partly' from Cambs. I find nautical fashion beautiful, and combined with a touch of vintageness its amazing in my humble opinion.

Pure bliss! my beautiful latest buys...

* Navy high waist shorts. I love the anchor buttons. - River Island - Cambs

* Navy wedges, with really pretty rope detail - amazing buy - Primark!!!! (bought in the winter but needed an outfit)

Happy bunny!

More Cambridge Love to come. x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Costume design photoshoot - 10th May 2010

Today I photographed a lovely costume designer friend of mines dissertation outfits.

My first few attempts to get the lighting correct didn't go too well, but once I'd found the light dimmers and found some coloured gel's, the shoot went smoothly. (I dont like working a strange enviroment, cant find what I need) :)

Here are the best shots (haven't had a chance to photoshop out the the manniquin's writing though):

I'm really rather pleased with them myself, and I hope you like them too.

Please bare in mine that I am not currently at home with my own laptop, and haven't had a chnce to edit them at all.

They were all taken using a slow shutter speed due the lighting in the room and no flash, with a tripod to steady the camera and prevent blur. Under lighting (birdies) were used to create a sense of 'Eerieness' and make the iron gates behind merge into the backdrop but still have a looming place within the image, and 2 dimed lights from above to ensure the outfits were still visable.

More Fashion and photography coming soon :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

'Time for tea..?' 7th May 2010

Today is boring, spent drivng around sorting things out, organising my portfolio for university, drinking far too much tea, and trying to think of anything but packing for my week in Cambridge.....in true 'me' style.
So to cheer myself up on a random trip to Chelmsford to sort yet more silly life problems out I got myself all dressed up :)

One of my favourite outfits!
I wore:
*Black vest top - H&M (when don't I wear it lol)
*Floral body con skirt - Primark
*Leggings (complete with green paint stains) - H&M
*Waist length black linen blazer - NewLook
*Really old fake Chanel ballet pumps - Primark
*Black leather Handbag - Boutique in Florence, Italy
*Vintage maroon leather waist belt
*My favourite green vintage 'granny' hat :)

Now I'm off the take some pictures the afternoon, as I have an idea, so expect a photography post later on :) x

'Off to find a maxi dress' - 6th May 2010

After a sudden revolation laying in bed last night I decided I needed a new maxi dress, ready for my week away.
Primark sprang to mind, but, my goodness did that dress think I had some almighty hips on me. So a shop wondering adventure was required. So time to throw on some clothes, take a quick snap, too quick...I blurred it, grrrr, and bag my self a pretty frock.
I wore:
*Black vest top - H&M
*Black body con skirt - H&M
*Basic, Cheap black leggings - Primark
*£1 Jumble sale Levis Denim shirt
*Vintage leather sandles
*Floral aviators and black check hair bow - Topshop

After my wonderus day shopping I had success. The maxi dress was found, not a plain black one as I had hoped for, but a pretty monochrome one that looked much nicer.
Then off to the pub for a girly chat and a few JD and cokes :)

'Look out Cambridge...Im back!' - 30th April 2010

Don't you just adore those friends that even though you haven't seen each other in months, when you meet up it's like you were never apart at all.....wonderful!

Well purely to mark the end of April or any other excuse we could come up with, a night on the tiles in the lovely Cambridge was needed :)

A night of free entry sticker collecting, neon glow sticks, far too much VK and plenty of hiccups and stumbles.....all in all, hilrious fun.

Bad photo, but I wore:
*Black ruffled bandage dress - H&M
*Mini black cardigan - Warehouse
*Vintage peep toe black shoes with home made bows
*Black tights - John Lewis
*Swallow Necklace - Asda! (amazing find)

Btw: The little blonde face in my Cambridgian love muffin :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

New angle!

As of now I will be posting my blog as a day to day low-down on my random fashion as a vintage styled photographer plus the snappy captures of my day to day life....I never dare leave the house without a camera of some descrption, photos are the best way to have memories :)

So I hope you enjoy :) x