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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lush Love

I felt the need to write a brief review on some Lush products I have recently purchased, and how my daily facial routine has changed for the better.

I have been using Garnier Micellar Water since December, and I have say it really does remove make up well, and leave your skin feeling really clean and fresh.

I only bought Lush - Eau Roma Water a few days ago to add to my routine, which is a very gentle toner made from natural ingredients, and I was a little apprehensive, but hopeful.

My skin is very sensitive to most products, and I haven't used a toner in years, as they always make my skin red and sore, however this one is really lovely and made my skin amazing in a very short time.

I'm genuinely impressed at how nice it has made my skin in only 4 days.

The lovely ladies in Lush, Chelmsford, gave me great advise and helped me pick this out to try, after they found me looking at their toner tabs that you add to hot water for facial steaming, and I am very pleased with my latest purchase.

It smells lovely as it is made with lavender water, and you only need to used a few sprays so I'm sure it will last for ages.

My Mr has also recently become a lover of Lush, after I bought him Kalamazoo, a wonderful beard wash - I recommend it to any beardy man out there on his testimony :)

My latest little treat is also to buy myself a new bath bomb every month to try out.

Last month I used the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Which was lovely and bubbely, and smelt, although not very strong, quite pretty.

This months bath bomb is Space Girl which I am looking forward to using as it has glitter on it :)

I will write about it soon and let you all know how long the glitter lasts hehe.

If you find something lovely at Lush, or some where else as lovely, please let me know!

Will write soon

Cloud x

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