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Saturday, 14 August 2010

The perfect black trousers...

I start my new job next week and so have been searching for a pair of perfect black trousers, as well as them being a winter wardrobe must have, especially for geek chic like Alexa Chung (left).

So far I have been unsuccessful in finding a pair that fit me right. Being 'boy shaped' I have barely any hips and therefore find that trousers hang funny on me, so the search continues.

However I thought I would post a little guide to finding a pair of perfectly fitting trousers for anyone else who is on the look out...

Want slimmer thighs?

Look for boot cut trousers which will balance out your thighs.

Want to look taller?
Choose a trouser with a crease down the front to add height and if worn a tiny bit too long so they graze the floor, they'll make your legs look longer.

Avoid straight leg or tapered trousers because they'll make your hips look bigger.

You can choose high waist trousers as they compliment your shape, but ensure that the length is perfect for you or it may look like your trousers shrunk in the wash

Personally for my body shape I love peg-leg trousers and own a pair in grey. So I am tempted to buy another pair in black, like these from ASOS (left).

Not sure If you could pull them off with my uniform at work, but it's a great excuse to buy a new pair :)


  1. Hello, I'm a follower of your Mum's blog, she pointed me in your direction as a fellow fan of the Goddess Guides! You've put a lovely blog together too, I'm a big fan of black and white photos and all things fifties myself!

  2. Ooooo! We have alot in common by the sounds of it :) Nice to meet a fellow Goddess lover x

  3. agree peg leg pants are nice. I am looking for the grey one, do you have any idea where i can get it?