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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Leg art & ankle socks

It seems obvious to me that the fashion of ripped tights came about at a rather large fashion show somewhere when a designer snagged her tights on her long nails, shrugging it off as the next big thing....am I wrong? Probably not, I've done it myself...just add a few more ladders and some confidence (plus the hope that you shaved your legs that day) and call it LEG ART! ta da!

Why not, everything else is in fashion now, so if you can pull it off just do it!

Only today though I got so so upset when I put on my polka dot tights to find tiny holes in them :( there goes my out fit idea for today grrr! why is my favorite tights never last long? More importantly, polka dot tights DO NOT LAST! no matter how much you pay! However if anyone out there knows of a place they do survive from...please I want to know! :)

My most favorite love right now is ankle socks. Ankle socks and brogues!! How wonderfully cute it makes you look, so simple....instant vintage goddess chic... or even cuter....ankle socks and Mary Jane's, looking like you never got rid of your old school shoes never looked better.

Being a 'Geek' so to speak has somehow become the most in vogue thing you can be....I wish that was the case while I was at high school, being popular was not my scene at all, but I can make up for it now, and be more fashionable and look better than all those girls that were 'popular' :P

I even went to a geek party last week! was great fun to be surrounded by people actually trying to be Geeky!

(photo of me at my University Geek party)

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